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Kairos Esports run KFC’s entire gaming and esports strategy in the UK, including the brand's entry into the space.


28th September 2018

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Client Feedback

At KFC we wanted to explore the immense opportunity around gaming & esports, although we knew how difficult the community can be to get in to, so we decided to partner with the experts - Kairos Esports. Our time working together was smooth throughout, with our vision brought to life by the team, they put together a great proposal for us that got the whole business excited and were excited to move forward with. Their experience, expertise and creativity within the space clearly showed. The launch of our hero moment, “The KFC Royale” tournament was a huge undertaking and ran seamlessly. It was a great success and everyone involved had nothing but praise.

Through our seven brand new social platforms they were able to create a clear brand image and establish a tone of voice that natively appealed to the gaming & esports audience, achieving over 120,000 organic followers, from scratch, within 9 months.

Overall, Kairos Esports took into account our vision, goals and KPIs and are in the midst of running a multi-year, multi-tier strategy that’s efficiently organised and exceeding every expectation along the way. We can’t wait to continue this project!

Joshua Benge / - Brand Engagement Manager | Social, Gaming & Partnerships