Social Media Management and Strategy

Social is considered a behaviour, not an application. People are consumed by social media, especially millennials, making it an important avenue for businesses and brands to incorporate heavily in their marketing strategy. This couldn't be more apparent in the gaming space, where if you don't activate correctly, the consequences can be significant.

Our in-house social teams will plan, build and activate your social strategy campaign based on your specific objectives, brand guidelines and budget.

We understand the vast differences in content needed to resonate with different audiences. Our wide variety of experience allows us to apply our complete understanding of any aspect of the gaming and esports community to any given project.

Creating and managing content as well as monitoring your feeds can all be handled by our in-house creatives, or alternatively we can work closely with your internal Marketing, PR and social teams to build out a social strategy to maximise your brands presence within the gaming and esports community.

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