Posted | March 28th, 2019

Kairos Esports Wins Most Effective Campaign for ROI Award

Kairos Esports Wins Most Effective Campaign for ROI Award

In 2018 Kairos Esports were tasked with a campaign that went on to revolutionise how mainstream brands were perceived by the gaming space.

In August of 2018 KFC Gaming was launched and over a period of three days managed to attain 20,000,000 impressions and 500,000 media views, along with amassing 17,000 Twitter followers. All for an investment a shade under £10,000.

So what’s the secret to this performance?

Influencer Relations

Kairos Esports utilised a selection of their relationships with key influencers to drive users to the KFC Gaming Twitter page. Once on-board, these influencers were engaged in a creative and unique way.

Themed KFC envelopes containing ‘Chicken Cheques’ (which can be redeemed for KFC chicken and meals in-store) were created and sent to influencers including Mr Dalek JD, Itani, Roflwaffles, B0aty and many more. These influencers then tweeted images of these exclusive envelopes which in turn drove their followers to one page, @KFCGaming. This hype was then organically picked up by other influencers such as Miniladd, Hecz and even the eventual KFC Royale winner, Spratt. This created a social buzz around the page and was supported with amplification from community pages on Instagram, which had a combined reach of 400,000,000 per month.

Social Buzz

Alongside themed KFC envelopes KFC Gaming also published a number of puzzling tweets, leaving Twitter users questioning the next move. The main tagline of ‘Player one has entered the game’ was utilised, but which game was being referred to?

To this day KFC Gaming is an exciting account to follow with fans eagerly anticipate the next move. Will there be another successful Battle Royale campaign alongside Activision where followers have a chance to play Call of Duty with their favourite content creator, or will it be a unique sponsorship package? Either way, the future of KFC Gaming is exciting.

Planned Execution

20,000,000 impressions doesn’t happen on its own, or overnight. Months of planning went into KFC Gaming including the amplification strategy from Instagram community pages, the creation of both 2D and motion assets and of course the creative strategy for influencer activations. A huge amount of behind-the-scenes work goes in to this type of project and was key not only to its success, but also to achieving the award for ‘Most Effective Campaign for ROI’ by the Influencer Marketing Awards.

So, how can Kairos Esports assist you?

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