Posted | July 3rd, 2018

Why your brand should leverage esports in their marketing strategy

Why your brand should leverage esports in their marketing strategy

Many people are wondering what’s remotely interesting about esports as you’re essentially just watching other people play video games. Insiders however have pointed out it has similarities with traditional sports in that it’s just like watching football or a rugby match.

Electronic Sports, better known as esports, is a form of organised multiplayer video gaming typically between professional teams competing for a prize pool. These events are often hosted and sponsored by brands who may be endemic or non-endemic.

When did esports originate?

It all goes back to 1972 when Stamford University students competed on the video game Spacewar for a year-long subscription to the Rolling Stones magazine. However, it wasn’t until 1980 when the first Space Invaders Championship, a household name at the time, took place with the attendance of 10,000 participants. Since then esports has evolved and we’ve seen a multitude of esports tournaments across the world. The largest tournament, by attendance figures, was the League of Legends 2014 World Championship with an enormous live audience of 45,000 and a further 27 million online.

So why has esports become a multi-million event that brands are keen to invest in? Firstly, it’s a prime method for brands to reach males between the ages of 21 and 35 years old, which are almost impossible to reach through other advertising channels. Secondly, it’s estimated that esports currently attracts an audience of 380 million people, with the vast majority following the action online via digital broadcast platforms such as Twitch which has more than 800 million views per month. Lastly, NewZoo, the global leader in esports, games and mobile intelligence have released a statement saying, “in the coming year, the global Esports Economy will grow to $905.6 million, a year-on-year growth of 38%”, proving that it is a growing sector you would be silly not to invest in!”

What brands are successful in esports right now?

Energy drink manufacturer Red Bull have invested in esports by sponsoring ‘athletes’ from around the world who compete professionally across an array of games. Most recently Red Bull has signed Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins as an endorser of the brand. Ninja began playing Halo 3 professionally in 2009 and became a streamer in 2011 first with before moving to Twitch. His channel currently has over eight million followers and an average of over 90,000 viewers per stream, making him the most popular streamer as of May 2018.

Ninja Announces Red Bull partnership (credit: TWITCH/NINJA)

Ninja partnered with Red Bull on a ‘Rise Till Dawn’ event in Chicago on 21st July 2018, where players competed with the professional gamer to win a $2,250 prize pool. A small scale amount considering the size and influence of Red Bull and Ninja’s fanbase, nevertheless it sold out almost instantly.

Other successful brands in esports include the globally reputed Coca-Cola, Omen by HP, and Alienware to name a few. Alienware even went as far as launching a high-end training facility for Team Liquid, a multi-region professional esports organisation, to provide training in hope to breed stars in the young industry of esports.

How are Kairos Esports involved?

As a leading digital marketing agency and owner of Lightning Pandas, a professional esports team competing in Call of Duty, FIFA 18 and most recently Fortnite, Kairos Esports have recognised and encouraged brands to incorporate an esports strategy into their marketing plan.

We have a clear understanding of the phenomenon that is esports – its fans, the community, and the gaming industry. Let Kairos Media help you to bring your esports strategy to a new level. Your brand will benefit from our direct access to the biggest teams, players and leagues around the globe.

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Kairos Esports is an innovative, results-driven gaming and esports marketing agency that works with global brands primarily to deliver market entry and scaling strategies, tournament organisation and social strategy. Inspiring, creating and pioneering, we believe in challenging the norm to deliver authentic and bespoke campaigns, hyper-targeted to each brand’s target audience.

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