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We are a full-service gaming and esports agency, backed by 10+ years of experience ranging from professional players to esport organisation owners – we possess unrivalled experience and understanding of the industry.

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As an agency we specialise in gaming and esport market entry, long-term strategy, bespoke tournaments, content creation, social media management and influencer relations.

Kairos Esports operates as its own entity under the Kairos Group, alongside Kairos Media which was started by a former professional Call of Duty player, FearCrads and previous director of Machinima, Chris Parnell.

They both leveraged their knowledge and experience of the gaming industry to begin building solutions for brands looking to market through social media and reach new audiences online. Headed up by Drew Townley, Kairos Esports now focuses solely on the gaming and esports space and facilitates some of the most successful market entries worldwide to date.

Some of our clients

Meet the Team

Drew Townley

Director & CEO
'Creative Director btw.'

Chris Parnell

Director & Co-Founder
'I am Kairos'

Mike Craddock

Director & Co-Founder
'I used to be famous'

Max Barker

Content & Community Executive
'Managing Director of Tea Club'

Adam Washbrook

Social Media Executive
'Best comp sniper EU'

Tom Harris

Business Development Executive
'Microphone Champion'

Ollie Kemp

Business Development Executive

Joe Hinton

Influencer Marketing Executive 'I get ID'd for Red Bull'

Chris Mullins

Social and Content Manager
'Stay Fresh'

Izel Hussein

Graphic Designer
'Catch me outside how bow dat?'

Sheri Kryeziu

Senior Influencer Marketing Executive
'Pizza over errthang'