Plan, Create and Execute

We are a full-service gaming and esports agency, backed by 10+ years of experience ranging from professional players to esport organisation owners – we possess unrivalled experience and understanding of the industry.

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Meet the Team

Drew Townley

Director & CEO
'Creative Director btw.'

Mike Craddock

Director & Co-Founder
'I used to be famous'

Chris Parnell

Director & Co-Founder
'I am Kairos'

Max Barker

Content & Community Executive
'Managing Director of Tea Club'

Tom Harris

Business Development Executive
'I'm as tall as Drew'

Ollie Kemp

Business Development Executive
'Top Geeza'

Chris Mullins

Social and Content Manager
'Stay Fresh'

Izel Hussein

Graphic Designer
'Catch me outside how bow dat?'

Sheri Kryeziu

Influencer Campaign Manager
'Pizza over errthang'

Leonora Tomlinson-Bennett

Junior Account Manager
'I am grill'

Adam Washbrook

Content Executive
'Natural born memer'

Mike Sudlow

Business Development Executive
'I like turtles'

Nzimah Akpan

Junior Video Editor
'creative genius'